6 Surprising Things TSA Says To Leave Out Of Your Carryon

6 Surprising Things TSA Says To Leave Out Of Your Carryon

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A latest tweet that has now gone viral has folks confused over what they’ll truly absorb a carry-on. 

The tweet, which has gotten over 10.5 million views, describes a person’s expertise with airport security confiscating a jar of peanut butter. 

Jokes ensue within the feedback as folks attempt to determine if peanut butter is a liquid, gel, or aerosol. 

This has sparked rumors that peanut butter has been banned on flights, which isn’t completely true. 

It’s, nevertheless, a “spreadable merchandise,” which implies it should abide by the identical laws as liquids, gels, and aerosols. 

Many airways have began serving alternative snacks as an alternative of peanuts as a consequence of peanut allergic reactions, however you should still deliver each peanuts and peanut butter – so long as the latter is beneath 3.4 ounces. 

Though it’s permitted, you should still need to rethink purely for the prospect that it may trigger a medical emergency that may delay your flight.

Snack packages on a Southwest flight

What Is A Liquid?

In line with the Transportation Security Administration, “a liquid has no particular form and takes a form dictated by its container.”

Lotions, pastes, gels, aerosols, and liquids that match this description should all be in containers which can be 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or smaller. 

These should then all slot in a quart-sized bag.  These necessities are also referred to as the “3-1-1 rule.” 

Whereas most vacationers are conscious of this rule, it’s nonetheless stunning to search out out among the objects that fall into the “liquid/gel” class.

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A carryon suitcase with travel-sized liquids in a plastic bag

Listed here are among the stunning objects you’ll need to restrict in your carryon:

1. Spreadable Meals

 A majority of this record comes from meals merchandise that stroll the road between a liquid and a stable, reminiscent of “spreadable” meals. 

Peanut butter falls beneath this label, as does hummus, guacamole, jams and jellies, and different dips or spreads. 

Creamy cheeses, reminiscent of brie, additionally fall beneath the 3-1-1 rule. 

Whereas it might not be tough to maintain these things to a minimal as airport or airplane snacks, in the event you plan to deliver house a jar of genuine maple syrup or some Texas barbecue sauce out of your journey, you’ll need to pack these in your checked bag. 

It’s additionally necessary to think about that if you’re flying internationally, many fruit and veggies are prohibited to stop invasive plant pests.  That is additionally true for flights from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands to the mainland U.S.    

Man going through airport security

2. Some Make-up Objects

Vacationers are normally acutely aware of their toiletries with regards to the liquids rule. 

There are travel-sized containers in your shampoo and conditioner, and you should buy travel-sized sunscreen, hairspray, and deodorant. 

Nonetheless, make-up could not come to thoughts.  Concealer, basis, lip gloss, and even mascara are all objects that should observe the 3-1-1 rule. 

Though most make-up objects are sometimes far beneath 3.4 ounces, technically, all of them nonetheless want to slot in the quart-sized bag. 

So in the event you plan on bringing quite a lot of make-up, it’s possible you’ll need to take into account placing nearly all of it in your checked bag. 

One other factor to know – any massive portions of powder-like substances may elevate crimson flags and should should be screened individually.

A person putting a plastic bag with makeup items into an airport security bin

3. Sure Toys

Any toy that resembles an precise weapon just isn’t allowed for apparent causes. 

TSA additionally particularly lists slingshots and foam toy swords as prohibited objects however states that water weapons (with out water) and nerf weapons are okay. 

Two different very particular mentions are gentle sabers and Harry Potter wands – these are each allowed onboard the airplane. 

Play-doh, which you may now take into account a liquid/gel merchandise, is definitely not and is allowed onboard as properly. 

TSA officer searching someone's luggage at the airport

4. Snow Globes

This well-liked memento must threat a journey house in your checked bag except it’s sufficiently small to abide by the 3-1-1 rule.  

Even when it’s sufficiently small, it additionally nonetheless wants to slot in the quart-sized bag with all your toiletries. 

TSA maintains that whatever the guidelines, the discretion is as much as the officer.

5. Musical Devices

In case you’re planning on bringing a guitar, violin, or different devices that meets the dimensions necessities, it’ll should bear further inspection. 

Brass devices, nevertheless, have to be checked.  It’s greatest to examine with the airline forward of time to ensure you perceive precisely what you could do to get your instrument to your vacation spot.

Luggage getting x-rayed at the airport

6. Candles

Gel-type candles are prohibited in a carry-on, no matter dimension.  Nonetheless, TSA does state that stable candles are okay. 

Nonetheless, there have been reviews of candles being confiscated at safety.  To be protected, it will be greatest to pack all candles in your checked bag.   


There are all the time exceptions to each rule, and the 3-1-1 rule is not any totally different. 

Child meals, formulation, puree pouches meant for toddlers, and breastmilk are all permitted in “affordable portions.” 

They don’t should be lower than 3.4 ounces or match right into a quart bag.  Ice and gel packs for breast milk or for medical wants additionally get a move. 

These are all thought-about “medically crucial liquids,” proper together with liquid medication, insulin, and inhalers. 

Though these are permitted, they do should be declared to TSA officers for screening.

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