Our utmost priority is your privacy, and we pledge to handle it with sincerity, impartiality, transparency and honesty, as we value the trust you have bestowed upon us. We will be completely open with you by disclosing our Privacy Policy, and being upfront during our interactions with you. Your personal data will only be used for providing our services, legitimate business reasons, fulfilling legal obligations, ensuring your safety, and with your explicit permission for marketing purposes. We will safeguard your personal information with the utmost care and respect your rights to control the information you choose to share with us. In order to provide the services Sejoursdiscount will make sure that the data should only be used to provide you the services. In this document, the terms such as “we”, “our”, “us” and “Sejoursdiscount” shall mean the affiliated platform and all of our affiliated services while the terms such as “you”, “your”, “user” and “client” shall mean anyone who availing our services.  


Our website only collects information when the client tries to contact us, otherwise all data is collected by our affiliated partners including Amazon, GetYourGuide and Travelpayouts. The only information collected on our website is: 

  1. Name
  2. E-mail 
  3. Other Details Collected Automatically 


When you use our Platforms, we use cookies, which are small computer files that collect information about your internet and Platform usage to improve your user experience and customize content. Cookies may also gather your personal information. To learn more about our use of personal information and how to manage cookie settings, please refer to the sections on analytics and profiling and cookies. We monitor your activity on our Platforms to ensure that you have a satisfactory customer experience and to identify and address any problems or issues.

Some of our Platforms enable you to purchase products and services related to your journey, such as duty-free items. In these situations, we may collect your flight details and payment information to process your order and communicate with you about it.


We obtain personal information from third parties with your consent. These third parties may include your travel agent, travel companion, travel coordinator, co-branded credit card partners, duty-free,  stores, social media platforms, and other digital platforms. We merge this information with the data we directly collect from you or about you to accomplish the objectives stated in our Privacy Policy. Further information regarding how we disclose your personal information to others is available below.


We collect and utilize your personal information for legal, regulatory, and compliance purposes as well as for preventing and detecting criminal activities. This includes meeting our legal obligations and responding to legal subpoenas or regulatory orders. Additionally, we use your personal information to safeguard our property, rights, and interests, as well as those of others. We employ measures such as sending you one-time passwords via email or SMS/text to prevent fraud when you use our online payment or loyalty schemes. We also verify your identity, conduct credit checks and scores, and perform accounting or auditing activities. If you visit our offices, retail centers, lounges, or other properties, we may monitor you through closed-circuit television for security reasons. All these activities comply with relevant laws.


The personal information you provide is used to support our business and interactions with you. This includes providing our services, processing payments, managing your visits to our properties and events, personalizing, marketing, and advertising our products, communicating with you, improving our products and services, managing your loyalty scheme membership, assessing your fitness to travel, providing special medical assistance, managing emergencies, meeting government requirements, using biometric technologies to identify you, meeting legal obligations, and preventing crime and fraud. Rest assured that we only collect, process, use, share, and store your personal information when we have an appropriate legal basis to do so.


We may share your personal information with various entities to improve and personalize our services, manage our business, develop a single customer view, and conduct profiling and analytics. We mainly share the information in following ways:

We share your personal information with the following entities:

  1. Other entities within the our website and services providers to provide and improve our products and services, manage our business, develop a single customer view, and conduct profiling and analytics.
  2. Third-party providers who assist us with managing our business and delivering our products and services, including loyalty schemes, IT and back-office support, fraud detection, customer service center support, airport operations and car services, marketing, payment verification, data warehouse storage, research, and analysis.
  3. Banks and payment providers to authorize and complete payments.
  4. Government agencies and law enforcement, and others as permitted or required by law.
  5. Third parties whose products or services you are purchasing through our Platforms or otherwise, such as airlines (including our code share and interline partner airlines), tourism agencies, hotels, transfer and car hire companies, tour and excursion providers, or travel agents.
  6. Third-party advertising and social media platforms to provide more personalized advertising promoting our products and services in accordance with your preferences.
  7. Potential or actual third-party purchasers of our business or assets.


We have put in place appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information and maintain your privacy.

    Our security measures include:

  1. Imposing confidentiality requirements on our staff members and service providers.
  2. Permanently anonymizing or destroying personal information that is no longer needed for the purpose it was collected.
  3. Following security procedures for storing and disclosing your personal information to prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Using secure communication channels such as SSL (“secure sockets layer”) or TLS (“transport layer security”) to encrypt data that is sent to us.
  5. SSL and TLS are industry-standard encryption protocols used to secure online transaction channels.


Under our privacy policy you have the legal rights to manage your privacy, subject to laws that provide you with these rights. Some laws that provide you with these rights include the, Information Technology Act, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

  1. These rights include accessing your personal information, restricting its processing, and objecting to its processing, including direct marketing.
  2. You can transfer your personal information and obtain a copy of it.
  3. You also have the right to know about the safeguards used for transferring your personal information outside your jurisdiction.
  4. You can lodge a complaint with your local supervisory authority if you feel that your privacy rights have been violated.
  5. The scope of these rights varies based on the jurisdiction and legal framework.
  6. In addition, all users of Sejoursdiscount have the right to avail services without any discrimination of any kind. 

It is important to understand that knowing your rights and exercising them is essential to manage your privacy effectively. You should always read and understand the privacy policies of the organizations you deal with to know how they handle your personal information.


This website collects information through cookies. Cookies are files that many websites transfer to users’ web browsers to enable the site to deliver personalized services or to provide persistent authentication. The information contained in a cookie typically includes information collected automatically by the web server and/or information provided voluntarily by the user. Our website uses persistent cookies in conjunction with a third-party technology partner to analyze search engine usage and web traffic patterns. This information is used in the aggregate to monitor and enhance our web pages. It is not used to track the usage patterns of individual users.

Our Platforms use various types of cookies, which can be classified based on attributes such as their duration and source. Session cookies are only valid for the duration of your session on our Platform, while persistent cookies remain for a certain period after your visit. First-party cookies are set by our Platforms, while third-party cookies are set by third-party platforms. We use both session and persistent cookies, as well as first- and third-party cookies.

We use cookies for various purposes, such as providing a seamless experience when using our loyalty schemes or completing a booking, or assisting you when you don’t complete a booking. We also use cookies to improve our advertising by making it more relevant to you. We have categorized the types of cookies we use based on their purpose:

  1. Essential Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the functioning of our Platforms, such as enabling you to log in or complete a booking. They also help us understand how users interact with our website, without identifying individual users.
  2. Functional Cookies: These cookies recognize you when you return to our Platforms and allow us to personalize content and remember your preferences.
  3. Marketing Cookies: These cookies record your browsing behavior on our website and other websites, allowing us to display personalized advertisements on other platforms. We may share this information with third parties to optimize marketing activities.

We encourage you to read the privacy statements and relevant notices of third-party platforms that place marketing-related cookies on our website. 

7.1. Right To Refuse 

To update and refuse the cookie you can adjust the browser’s setting to revoke or prevent its access to store cookies. You can also can adjust your cookie settings in your phone or tablet or other devices. Depending on your settings, certain personalized features may not be available to you, and you may not be able to take full advantage of our website’s features. You can also visit http://www.aboutcookies.org/ for comprehensive information on managing cookies on a wide variety of browsers, including how to delete cookies from your computer. We do not recommend turning off cookies as it may prevent you from making bookings through our services. 


Our website/platform will not share, lease, or sell any personal user information to a third party (unless specifically required by legal authorities for lawful purposes).  We are also disclosing that there may be a presence of third-party links on our website. We will also use the services of Google Analytics in order to track users’ session activity, bounce rate, time of stay, and general traffic analytics. Most of these links will only be there in order to help us provide our services. Please note any links that are on our website are there either for marketing purposes or for other services as a requirement for the working of our website. These links may or may not be associated or affiliated with us in any way.


We reserve the right to update our Privacy and Cookie Policy periodically in order to align with legal obligations and our business operations on our Platforms. Any changes made to our Policies will be posted on our website including this webpage.